NEED is inspired by John Hegley's humorous poem 'Declaration of Need'.

The poem is characteristically British in the way it inverts the often serious tone poetry assumes when the subject of relationships is addressed. The irreverent humour and surprising rhymes and rhythms of the poem make it a wonderful departure point from which to choreograph.

NEED was first performed in the large greenhouses of Stadtgrün Bern, Elfenau. It premiered in 2020 and was a breath of fresh air between 2 lockdown phases!

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  • Choreography: Vanessa Cook
  • Performed by: Catherine Jaeger, Lisa Lareida, Estaban Mayordormo, Petr Nedbal, Sridar Paramalingam & Thamara Stampbach.
  • Music: Jonathan 'CM' Bolliger
  • Outside Eye: Isabelle Jakob
  • Lighting: Daniel Schanz
  • Film: Nicole Pfister
  • Photography: Phil Wenger


NEED was financially supported by:

  • Stadt Bern
  • Kultur Kanton Bern
  • Burgergemeinde Bern
  • Ernst Göhner Stiftung
  • Gesellschaft zu Ober-Gerwern
  • Migros Kulturprozent
  • GVB