CREATURE is an aerial dance performance that weaves together aerial work, dance and text to create seemingly impossible images.

CREATURE is a visually stunning, visceral, probing, mesmerising show; sometimes dreamlike and sometimes conceptually dark. It is about human interaction; different perspectives, pack behaviour, survival of the fittest, the search for intimacy, the delicate interplay between lovers that can imperceptibly shift into abuse, the longing for and loss of love and human resilience.

The performers swing freely overhead. Sometimes they miss each other and sometimes they hit each other and begin to interact and form relationships. They mirror each other head to head (one standing, one hanging upside down) and they try (but often fail) to balance each other hanging at opposite ends of the same rope...

Most of the choreography plays directly above the heads of the audience.

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  • Concept and Choreography: Vanessa Cook
  • Sound Designer: Moritz Alfons
  • Lighting Designer: Mirjam Berger
  • Text: Jordi Ribot
  • Outside Eye: Nina Stadler
  • Performers: Ariel Cohen (US), Michał Czyż (PL), Oriol Escursell Domenech (SP), Alessandra Ruggeri (IT), Tobias Spori (CH)


Creature was financially supported by:

  • Kultur Stadt Bern
  • Kultur Kanton Bern
  • Burgergemeinde Bern
  • Stadt St. Gallen
  • Kanton St. Gallen Kulturfoederung
  • Kultursee
  • Migros Kulturprozent
  • GVB
  • Bürgi-Willert Stiftung
  • Ernst Göhner Stiftung