Bünzli is a unique Swiss word which describes a conformist person who is prepared to ask others to also abide by the rules. The piece is about having control and losing it.

It is impossible to live in Switzerland and not encounter the quintessentially Swiss philosophy which proscribes a rule-abiding, nit-picking and punctual lifestyle. That's Bünzli.

The piece Bünzli is a humorous commentary on how seriously we sometimes take ourselves and how much value we give to rules, regulations and details. Bünzli explores and celebrates the moments when we realise the absurdity of being so serious. Not even the Bundespräsident is immune to such moments.

Bünzli is choreographed to two famous speeches by Swiss Bundespräsidents. The first is a parliamentary address about Bundnerfleisch (a Swiss dried meat speciality) by Bundespräsident Hans-Rudolf Merz. The second is a serious address by Bundespräsident Johann Schneider-Ammann about the benefits of laughter.

Bünzli is set to the rhythms of the languages in which the speeches were given (German and French).

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  • Choreography: Vanessa Cook
  • Dancers: Catherine Jaeger, Lisa Reinhard, Thámara Stampbach
  • Music: Music –Melchizedec by Pulcinella, Six Gnossiennes: No.1 Lent, No.3 Lent, No.5: Modéré by Erik Satie, Hans Rudolf Merz (Bundnerfleisch speech), Johann Schneider-Ammann (Tag der Kranken speech).
  • Music Design: Sridar Paramalingam
  • Lighting Design: Daniel Tschanz


Bünzli was financially supported by:

  • Kultur Stadt Bern
  • SWISSLOS/Kultur Kanton Bern
  • Migros Kulturprozent
  • GVB
  • Clary Foundation