• Choreographing Robin Hood

    A break from tradition

A break from tradition


Anyone that’s lived in Berner Oberland for any period of time knows what the Tellspiel is. The tale of William Tell by Friedrich Schiller has been performed annually since 1912 until the present day (with interruptions during and between the two world wars). Every summer, a large audience is enthralled by the power of a new production of the play.

To date, there have been a total of over 1250 performances with more than 2 million spectators. There has probably never been a theatre production in Switzerland with the same play and at the same venue that has celebrated such success.

Today, the open-air production has around 190 actors, from children to old men in authentic historical dress. The fascinatingly realistic backdrop with goats, cows and horses also offers exciting action-packed equestrian scenes (the horses ridden by their owners).

That’s the history, and now the surprising news! For the first time in over 100 years, the 2024 production will break with tradition by producing a rendition of Robin Hood instead of William Tell. Vanessa Cook will be the choreographer of the new production (under the artistic direction of Tiziana Sarro and Klemens J. Brysch). It will be a pleasure to choreograph for such a large-scale, mixed generational cast at the foot of the Bernese Alps from now until summer 2024. The view doesn’t get much better! What remains to be seen is how well such a seminal break with tradition will be received by the Verein and its audience…

Looking for a unique choreographic collaboration?

With a diverse range of experience in choreographing for dance and theatre companies with professional, international, cross-generational and inclusive casts, Vanessa Cook offers a positive partnership.