• Collaboration with Alleyne Dance

    Premiere performances in TANZ IN BERN festival

Premiere performances in TANZ IN BERN festival


October 2023 saw the completion of a one year long collaboration Vanessa Cook enjoyed with Alleyne Dance (UK) and Dampfzentrale, Bern. Alleyne Dance is a British contemporary dance company which embodies a distinctly physical language alleynedance.com

A unique feature about Alleyne Dance is that the founders are identical twins and have an incredible synergy and vision as a duo.

Alleyne Dance's new production Far From Home opened Dampfzentrale's Tanz in Bern festival. The piece featured a large cross-generational local cast who performed with the main cast. Vanessa Cook, (along with Anna Chiedza Spörri) assisted with the local rehearsals for the community cast. The collaboration and rehearsals were energetic and full of humour which meant that a lot of positive learning was possible for the community cast in a short period of time. The performances in Dampfzentrale were sold out and well received. The collaboration was a pleasure for Vanessa Cook to be a part of.

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With a diverse range of experience in choreographing for dance and theatre companies with professional, international, cross-generational and inclusive casts, Vanessa Cook offers a positive partnership.